This study of accounting is:

An introduction to financial accounting for students who intend to become preparers or regular users of accounting information. This approach recognizes the need to increase the study of accounting theory and analysis. Technology has dramatically reduced the demand for lower level bookkeeping skills and at the same time increased the demand for higher level accounting skills.
A unique approach is used to teach accounting.
A Color Map is used throughout to teach the accounting equation, account classification, interaction and articulation. Debit and credit techniques flow from the Color Map.
Debit and credit methodology is emphasized.
The use of colors to teach debits and credits lowers the debit\credit learning hurdle. Rather than standing as an impediment, the debit and credit convention then becomes a critical tool in developing a deeper understanding of accounting.
Use of the Color Map-pdf file
Colors to teach debits and credits -pdf file
Emphasis on critical thinking skills and ethics in business.-pdf file
Consistent presentation of journals and ledgers throughout the text, slide presentations, manual problems and computer applications aids the learning process -pdf file

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